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Multimedia Data Protection Using Hybridized Crystal Payload Algorithm With Chicken Swarm Optimization


There are three stages to this study. The first model incorporates a crystal payload encryption method, a watermarking strategy, and an attack-resistant encryption scheme known as the international data encryption algorithm (IDEA).The second model compares conventional ways to a binary grey scale image in chicken swarm optimization (CSO) used to copyright production parameter optimised swarm intelligence domain-based methodology. MATLAB was used to analyse the work performance for a traditional machine learning approach.When compared to existing approaches such as machine learning SVM, logistic regression, and neural network, simulation results show that the proposed hybridised crystal payload algorithm with chicken swarm optimization (HCPECSO) scheme achieves a high copyright production with the lowest mean square error values and highest peak signal noise ration.When compared to existing schemes, the proposed HCPECSO had a processing time of 32.33s and a lower processing cost.